About Noomf
Functional Mushroom Coffee

Noomf is a brand-new mushroom supplement brand specialising in unique and great-tasting coffee blends created entirely from mushrooms – more specifically: Lion’s Mane.

Lion’s Mane is an adaptogen [6], belonging to a family of fungi that helps your body respond to stress, anxiety, and fatigue [7] – which could possibly support overall wellbeing.

Designed to do just that – and more! – Noomf supports overall wellbeing by providing a natural and sustainable energy source which can enhance focus and boost productivity [8].

It’s exactly what the team behind Noomf were looking for, before Noomf became Noomf!

They collectively realised that coffee consumption mostly resulted in addictive cycles of crashes, headaches, and anxiety. They went hunting for an alternative.

Seeing the market turn toward mushroom coffee ever-increasingly, particularly Lion’s Mane [5] – renowned for its potential health qualities [6, 13].

Providing a healthier and more sustainable solution, with all the benefits of your regular morning cup, Noomf was born!

the lions mane mushroom coffee has helped me with my tiredness, i can get so much more done in a day.
Kelly B

Noomf's Mushroom Blends

We're proud to say that our products are made using the full spectrum of the mushrooms, which means that we utilize the entire fruiting body of the mushroom. This approach provides a more comprehensive and well-rounded natural profile, ensuring that our customers receive the full benefits of the mushroom's unique properties

Why Noomf is the best

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