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Are you feeling burnt out, unmotivated or just can’t focus on getting things done? Well, you’re in luck! We have created a product to fit all your needs – we have made it our sole mission to thoroughly research specially sourced ingredients and create a product to help you get back into action and take control of your life. We’ve combined our 100% pure Lion’s Mane mushrooms with a rich, dark-roasted coffee to create a silky-smooth mushroom coffee blend that tastes just as great as traditional coffee, providing an easy way to make healthy changes to your usual morning routine.              


Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder, Full Roast Coffee.


Energy:  531KJ, 128kcal    |    Fat:  1.3g    |    Fibre:  4.5g    |    Protein:  6g    |    Salt:  <0.1g


1000mg Lion’s Mane Per Serving

How to enjoy

Stir in 1 teaspoon or 3 grams of our mushroom coffee in hot water. If you use milk or sweeteners, add them in, give a stir, and BAM enjoy your drink.

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Discover the journeys of individuals who’ve experienced the transformative power of Noomf. From heightened focus to sustained energy, these stories highlight the profound impact of our unique blend on daily lives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kate Onyett
Very Tasty, but missing that final benefit.

The customer service is top-notch, and the road is deep and tasty. However, I was hoping that the mushroom extract would provide a brain stabilising effect. My brother had tried the coffee and found it much smoother in terms of mood and stress levels, and I was hoping for something similar, as my brain suffers from the whizzes! However, while it was a tasty cup of coffee, it did not have the same effect on me. This is probably an individual organic/genetic thing, but I was a bit disappointed, as the mood smoothing effect is one of Noomf's big sells.
So, yes, very tasty, but in my case, not a big 'extras' difference for me.

Kyle Jones

Been using this for a couple weeks now, I cannot stress enough how good it is! I've come off of energy drinks, feeling less sluggish in the mornings, and feel l can focus a bit more whilst I am at work- amazing stuff!

Alex Sammarco

I have tried a few different lions mane coffee brands and this one really goes above and beyond, one cup on the morning keeps me going for the whole day without a crash, the taste is also immaculate!

Nur Haji

I was looking for something better than the usual coffee experience (the jitteryness and then the inevitable crash that follows). This product had the familiar taste of coffee (albeit with a nicer smoother taste due to the lion's mane) and more importantly, a more sustained energy release throughout. Would strongly recommend.


Absolutely brilliant!!

I was looking for an alternative to coffee/energy drinks as they give me terrible shakes, and while coffee is alright for a while, the effects wear off and I always feel worse.

I started drinking Noomf a while back and I don't think I could ever go back to drinking regular coffee! Noomf never leaves me with the shakes, or a caffeine come down, it tastes amazing and it comes in a handy resealable pouch which I often take to work, it also keeps it fresh and flavourful!
(the only thing is when I take it to work, people always wanna try some!! 😂)

Noomf really does what it says on the tin, gives me all day focus without the crash, since drinking this my moods have really improved and I feel that all round, it's had a very positive impact in my day to day life! I highly recommend!

Emma Whitehorn

This coffee is amazing!!! Helps me get focused in the morning, has a smooth creamy taste and great value for money would highly recommend

Thomas Tarrant

I’ve used this for a little bit now and haven’t had to use coffee or energy drinks it’s a really good product

Brandon Newman

Literally the perfect product for my Mam, she loves mushrooms and loves coffee. Its a win-win, thank you Noomf 👏🏻

Robert Page

Really good product, the best I've tried yet by a mile!

I would recommend 👍

Maximus Prime

Loving Noomfs Mushroom Coffee! It's my go-to for a natural energy boost. Highly recommend.