Why Noomf
Functional Mushroom Coffee?

Think of mushrooms and you might recall spotting some on a past walk, the glorious scent while cooking them or their taste, when added to your favourite meal.

Few may have heard of mushrooms in coffee though. Fewer still, may have tried it.

Mushroom coffee has been rapidly growing in recent years. But the reality is that human beings have been practicing natural remedies for Millenia.

So why the uptake up of mushroom coffee? For that, we need to look back.

Mushrooms are fungi that grown naturally and are associated with health and medicinal qualities. It is a living organism that grows naturally out of the ground, after all [1, 2].

Not to be confused with magic mushrooms at all, the health and medicinal purposes of mushrooms is what we’re most interested in.

Really, it’s been that way for a while; utilising fungi for medicine and health practice – the invention of penicillin in 1928 being the most famous example [3]. In the modern age, all kinds of fungi are utilised in medicine, such as antibiotics [4].

Presently, mushroom-infused coffee is taking off – just look to the United States, where the mushroom coffee market size is expected to reach USD 4.12 billion by 2030 [5]!

With people the world over seemingly swapping – or considering – their traditional morning coffee for a Lion’s Mane blend, we decided to it was time to serve mushroom-infused to the UK!

Introducing the power of Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane – a species of ancient medicinal mushroom originating from Asia – has long been known to be a great and natural source of nutrients and antioxidants [6].

Packed with goodness, Lion’s Mane is one such fungi that has come to forefront recently, due to its potential health benefits, including: supporting the immune system, mental health, and brain function [6]. It possibly presents a powerful, effective – and most importantly – healthy alternative to most supplements on the market.

And it’s these qualities that could possibly make it a better alternative to coffee too, as described below!

Benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom coffee

#1: Can help improve cognitive function and focus:

Medical research focusing on the cognitive effects of consumption indicate that Lion’s Mane mushroom can help support the overall healthy brain function and boost focus [7, 8]. It can improve mental clarity and can help with concentration levels and memory recall. It can also enhance creativity, due to the mushroom’s calming properties [9, 10, 11]. Lion’s Mane could provide excellent supplementation to a healthy and balanced diet.

#2: Can help relieve symptoms of Anxiety & Depression:

One in four people, living in England, will experience a mental health problem of some kind annually, according to the mental health charity: Mind [12]. With a seemingly ongoing mental health epidemic in the United Kingdom, some medical research and discourse has shown Lion’s mushroom to be an effective anti-inflammatory [13, 14], which helped with easing some symptoms of anxiety and depression [15, 16].

#3: Can help protect against Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease:

Research indicates that Lion’s Mane mushroom can help aid with the healthy functioning of memory [17, 18], as well as helping to improve memory recall itself [19]. Further study states the fungi could potentially help in relieving some symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as: Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease [20, 21] – infamous inhibitors of working memory and memory recall.

#4: High in antioxidants, which can help boost immune and nervous system health:

There is research to suggest that Lion’s Mane mushroom can help with the regeneration and growth of some types of nerves and nerve endings [22, 23]. High levels of antioxidants present within the fungi [24] help speed up the recovery of the nervous and immune system [25, 26] which means that Lion’s Mane mushroom consumption could be beneficial for overall nerve health.

#5: Anti-inflammatory purposes can help reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and risk of heart disease:

Scientific research focussing on the anti-inflammatory qualities of Lion’s Mane mushroom suggested consumption of the fungi could be beneficial in reducing oxidative stress [27]. Such stress can induce symptoms fatigue, increase the appearance of wrinkles, as well as potentially trigger muscle and, or joint pain. Further medical study suggests Lion’s Mane may reduce the symptoms of oxidative stress faster over time than without [28, 29]. In turn, as another study shows, Lion’s Mane could help reduce the risk of heart disease [30, 31] – and that’s a good thing for everyone.